F. A. Q. 's

How does the concierge service differ from the DIY?
Creating high quality photos of artwork is a challenge but with the new iPhone cameras and editing features, it's possible to get decent photos of art for the DIY. However, our Concierge service creates professionally reproduced images. The difference is the quality and integrity of the art reproduction file that gets printed. It's decent art photos vs incredible art reproductions.
How fast do your books ship?
Once the bookbuilder is submitted, you can expect the book to ship in about 2 weeks.
Can you do multiple books?
Yes you can order multiple copies of a single book, in fact many people do this for grandparents, holidays and graduations. Celebrating your child's creativity with family makes a meaningful gift.
Is the Concierge service worth the extra cost?
Our Concierge service is for the parent who's time is limited and wants our professional and easy process for creating exceptional reproductions of their children's' artwork. Our art box makes sending us the art simple and our extraordinary customer service puts parents at ease, knowing the art is in good hands.
Is it hard to make a photo book?
Not at all, with the artimus book builder, you can design and build a photo book in a few simple easy steps. Our DIY builder allows parents to use their own photo skills while our Concierge customers prefer our professionals to make exceptional books.
Do you have customer service?
Yes we have amazing customer service and stand by our books. We keep customers informed of each step of the process and quickly respond to questions or concerns. You can reach us via email, phone or FB messaging. Our Chat feature is coming soon.....
Do I get my art returned when doing the Concierge service?
Artwork return is optional. you can choose to have the art returned at any point of the process for the shipping fee. Artwork is kept for 3 months after a book is complete to give parents a chance to have it returned.