The Smarter Way To

Preserve and Celebrate
Your Child’s Art Creations

As parents, we want to preserve everything our children create. Unfortunately, we often don’t have the space for that.

With Artimus, you’ll be able to reduce the clutter, and transform your child’s creations into well-preserved memory books with only your smartphone

The Best (and Easiest) way to transform your child's creations into lasting memories

With only your child’s artwork, your smartphone, and a few minutes of your time, you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful books that forever preserve your child’s precocious creations.

Gone are the days of feeling bad for not keeping or displaying every single piece of artwork, popsicle stick sculpture and macaroni picture frame.

With Artimus, you’ll save all those creations while saving space and more importantly your sanity.

Task too daunting or have a ton of art to archive? We can do that for you. Check out our:

Happy Kids,
Happy Customers

Imagine how proud your child will be seeing their artwork in a book – talk about a brag book. A unique book of their own artwork will be their #1 “Show Off” book.

It’s never a good idea to toss your kid’s art (nor do we want to) but now by turning their art into a book, there can be a method to the madness. Just save what you want in the book, then toss it!

Yes, moms, you can take the art down- guilt free! It’s so easy to turn it all into a stunning book. 

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Hey All you D.I.Y'ers!

To the photoanistas out there: we know you’re savvy when it comes to image editing, and it’s simply amazing how advanced photo editing software is on our phones. Your Instagram stories are probably full of show off talent art already. Let’s take it to the next level and refine your skills by taking print worthy art photos. Start uploading them into the book builder now and be ready for the next onslaught of art.

Art Shouldn't Be Hard to Love (or keep) Forever

With our Concierge packages, we offer personalized service so you never have to worry about your child’s art being lost in the shuffle.

Looking for the highest quality art reproduction with unrivaled realism? We offer high fidelity scanning as a service via our “done for you” concierge package. It is as simple as choosing a package based on how much art you have.

Then, we’ll mail you a crazy nice box with return label to send us your art. It’s super easy. Once we create the professional digital files of your kids’ art, you can then build your book. Artwork return is optional.

Thanks to you guys, Artimus Art has been printing art and memory books for over 15 years!

Get Art-Organized Today!

Its super easy, and the best option for those parents who are always on-the-go

Just order a box (don’t worry – it’s tracked and secure.) and fill it with art.

Once we receive the box, your artwork is professionally photographed / scanned and edited, then uploaded to your Web Gallery where you can Build-Your-Book.

After submitting your Book Builder, your book is printed, bound and shipped to your door. (Artwork return optional)

Thousands of Happy Parents Recommend our quick and painless process

Ever since we discovered Artimus Art, we have been creating the most elegant, memorable keepsake books of our child’s artwork throughout each school year! We display our beautiful of cherished memories on our bookshelf and coffee table and truly enjoy revisiting memory lane through them. Artimus Art gives us them opportunity to personalize each book and retain our child’s legacy of creations, all without the disorganization of storing milestones upon milestones of paper. We will continue using this company for years to come!
Cindy R.
Pasadena, CA
My son Nicholas' book arrived today and it is AMAZING!! Words can barely express how pleased I am with this final product and looking at the timeline and progression of the pieces brought back so many memories. Such a wonderful memento. I had it made for Father's Day- thank you for turning it around so quickly- and I know his dad is going to be as touched as I was when I went through the pages. Really, truly happy with the completed project. May have to do a second volume! Will definitely tell my friends about Artimus Art!
Paula S.
Short Hills, NJ
The book totally exceeded my expectations. The quality and care that went into it are evident. I'm eager to gift a friend your service and order books for family. My daughter is totally delighted to see her work published and asks to do more art constantly! Thanks for your work,
Leslie I.
Los Angeles, CA
I had so much artwork that I just couldn’t toss and Artimus Art made it so easy with their box and professional service. The artwork reproductions are brilliant and the quality and care exceeded my expectations.. The book thrilled my daughter and brought a tear to my eye.
Leslie H
Brooklyn, NY

Reduce the clutter, and transform your child’s creations into well-preserved memory books with only your smartphone.


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Meaningful things can be saved into a stunning book. These include notes, letters, invitations, photos, announcements, certificates, licenses, old passports…. you name it, if it has meaning, you can turn it all into an Artimus Art Digital Scrapbook!

A $50.00 deposit includes the Art Collection box, return shipping label and instructions.

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