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Save the Items that bring you Joy.

At Artimus Art, we love helping you preserve art so you don’t have to choose which pieces to keep and which to toss. But we know that not every cherished memory is a drawing or painting.

With our memory books, anything is possible! Pictures, letters, awards, and more. The options are limitless, making this the perfect opportunity to permanently cherish your memorabilia in an everlasting collection!

Let our professional graphics team create your book OR give it a try for yourself and take your own photos of memorabilia. The DIY way is easy peasy too. Just snap the photos and upload.

Life Generates
A Lot Of Stuff

Art, Pictures, Awards, and More: Our Memory Book Covers It All

One thing is true: no matter who and where you are, life is guaranteed to leave behind the trinkets of your journey.

We know those memorabilia matter, and it’s difficult to part with them. That’s why we’ve extended our passion for everlasting preservation into a memory book!

Art, pictures, letters, awards, and much more all can become a collective keepsake! With so many possibilities, our memory book is like a digital scrapbook.

Your life, your memories, and your journey – it will all be there in a high-quality, meaningful collection!

Tidy Your Space and Organize Your Memorabilia

Create Your Personal Time Capsule with Our Memory Books

With our personalized memory books, every essence of joy, love, and passion is guaranteed to be captured. Best of all, we can help you organize it too!

Whether it’s transitioning between spaces or looking for an easy way to organize, our memory book is designed to hold every cherished moment. 

No matter how big or small, heavy or light, neatly pack-able or abstract in shape, we know they all have the same sentimental value.  Now you can turn all kinds of memorabilia into an easy to digest (and organize) memory book!

Personalized graphic design services available for additional fee

Just order a box (don’t worry – it’s tracked and secure.) and fill it with your stuff!.

Once we receive the box, your memorabilia is professionally photographed / scanned and edited, then uploaded to your Web Gallery where you can Build-Your-Book.

After submitting your Book Builder, your book is printed, bound and shipped to your door. (Memorabilia return optional)

Reduce the clutter, and transform your child’s creations into well-preserved memory books with only your smartphone.


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Our Simple Pricing Will Only Make Preserving Your Memories Easier

Meaningful things can be saved into a stunning book. These include notes, letters, invitations, photos, announcements, certificates, licenses, old passports…. you name it, if it has meaning, you can turn it all into an Artimus Art Digital Scrapbook!

A $50.00 deposit includes the Art Collection box, return shipping label and instructions.

You Pay Just


today, and the balance when you’re done designing your memory book