F. A. Q. 's

How do you copy the artwork to a book?
Easy. You take photos in your own time at home. Make sure you have every painting well lit and preferably shot at the same time. Once you photograph them, crop out the edges and then upload them to your artimus book builder project.
How fast do your books ship?
Larger orders (over 20 copies) and single books that are large (over 250 pages) will take more time but the estimated shipping time factors this in.
Can you do multiple books?
Yes you can order multiple copies of a single book, in fact many people do this for wedding announcement books, baby shower photo books, and birthday party or anniversary photo book projects.
Can Artimus make photo realistic art scans of my art instead?
Yes! We do have a concierge service available for those who would like it. We will mail you a box to send us your art in and we will do high definition scans of each piece, including topographic data.
Is it hard to make a photo book?
Not at all, with the attimus book builder, you can design and build a photo book for free. Only pay for a book once you're ready to order. Try it out now!
Do you have customer service?
Yes we have customer service available Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm est. You can reach them by using the chat bubble in the lower right of the screen.